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Proofreading Jobs: The Use of Parallelism

Nowadays, even proofreading job openings are swarming all over the Internet. Many student writing jobs also need proofreading jobs in order to create good write-ups. Proofreading jobs entail checking the grammar, the usage of words, and even improving the expressions of the writer. As a proofreader, it is necessary to review the articles in a manner that consistently maintains the ideas expressed. Otherwise stated, proofreaders are proscribed from changing the lines of thought of the writer. Proofreaders can only change contents when the writers violate some rules set by the authorities.

The common mistake that writers make is the use of parallel writing style or parallelism. Many writers do not understand the parallel writing style, that is why they often write unparallel word constructions. Here are the clues on how to handle proofreading jobs of the parallel writing style:

• Do not lose the rhythmic balance of the style
Your proofreader job also includes skimming the article for unparallel word constructions. If you found one instance of unparallel words, then you must edit it by not losing the rhythmic balance of the article. You can check on this by rereading the article and determining if there is still a balance in thought.

• Never lose the animated concept
Parallelism means that the ideas are active. In this case, make sure your proofreading job will not alter the animated concept of the idea of the writer. Animated idea means that the word constructions pertaining to the same subject emphasises the attributes of that subject.

In fine, you must remember that proofreading jobs entail a close scrutiny of ideas. Do not just see the words but rather see the thoughts of the article. To this end, some online proofreading jobs and tutorials can help you improve your proficiency.