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Common Errors in Freelance Writing

In freelance writing, we dedicate many writing styles to the different writing jobs that we are dealing with. There are many kinds of writing styles that we can choose from so that we can apply it to the different writing jobs. Varying the writing styles is necessary to add variety to the presentation of ideas. If you want to maintain client loyalty you should vary your writing style, or your clients will get bored with the same writing style you use every time you are given a writing job.

Here are the common mistakes of freelance writers in their quest to add more words rather than substance:

• The use of tautology
Freelance writers suffer from writer’s block from time to time. This means that no matter how you think of an idea, you just cannot push through with it. Many freelance writers opt for the use of tautologies just to increase the word count but never the substance in the article. As a result, this affects the content quality of the articles. You will notice this in the writing jobs of some freelance writers where the ideas, arguments and definitions given are just moving in circles around the article. Examples of tautology are: free gift, final conclusion, wrong mistake, and so on. Freelance writers must refrain from using tautologies since their article will suffer and their reputation will suffer too. Badly written articles demean the reputation of a freelance writer.

• Use of active verbs and active words
All freelance writers know that the use of active verbs and active words are vital in all articles that they are going to make. However, due to carelessness, there are some instances when they use passive voice in writing articles.

• Foreign words and phrases
Many freelance writers fall into the trap of using foreign words and phrases in their write-ups. Some freelance writers even think that foreign words and phrases will make their write-ups sound sagacious. Indeed, foreign words and phrases may make your write-ups scholarly but you also compromise the readability of your works. Foreign words and phrases can only be used if necessary and are explained well in the article.

Professional freelance writers can still express well their thoughts even without using tautology. They can even write articles following the rule for active verbs and the use of the active voice. They can even write articles without using foreign words and phrases. In the freelance writing business, you can still write with substance by thinking for and in behalf of your clients.