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Independent but Never Alone

People need people. People are social beings. Each of us need others. We need to be with others. We need companionship. This is true in life, in the family, in the society and in work. Freelance writers included. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Max-Neef’s model of needs and McClelland’s need theory. They form part of the study of the needs of humans and document its body of knowledge.

It cannot be totally or partially denied that, indeed, humans have needs – not only material and physical needs – but also social needs. And so, freelance writers, however independent they appear to be, because they are also humans, have social needs. Part of this social need is to work with others. They also need other people to be effective and to succeed.

Freelance writers or freelancers in general are not the same as office based employees. However, the former also has needs which are similar to those of the latter. Let us see the needs of employees and identify which are similar to freelancers and how are they are the same.

Needs of Employees

According to Inc.Com at , employees need:

(1) goals,

(2) mission,

(3) expectations (performance review),

(4) input (to give ideas and suggestions),

(5) connection (work with and for others) and

(6) a future [among others].

According to EasyTraining.Com at , most employees need to:

(1) win recognition,

(2) be acknowledged and rewarded for special efforts and contributions,

(3) be able to advance career-wise,

(4) have opportunities for self-development,

(5) improve their skills, knowledge and know-how,

(6) demonstrate and use their special gifts and abilities and

(7) realise their ideals [among others].

Employers’ Responses

According to EasyTraining.Com still at , at the same time, the employer responds to employees’ needs by:

(1) offering and providing clear and organised work procedures,

(2) a stable and just and fair work environment,

(3) an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation,

(4) open lines to communication both formal and informal,

(5) systematic feedback,

(6) training and development programs and

(7) guidance and mentoring [among others].

Needs of Freelance Writers

If you are a freelance writer, ask yourself whether you have some of the mentioned needs of employees. Most likely, you do also have. That is because they are needs of workers. Employees are workers. And freelance writers, or freelancers for that matter, are workers.

The question is how can freelancers, specifically freelance writers, address their needs as workers. The answer? They work with others. They should not work alone, even if they can work alone. Yes, they are independent but they also need and actually can work with others.

Being freelance and independent does not mean you should work alone. The two words speak for themselves. Freelance. Independent. You are free and with this freedom, you can choose to work with others. Exactly because you are free. And also, being independent does not mean you do not need or can work with other people. Being independent means you can work on your own if and when necessary. Otherwise, being independent would appear being indifferent.

So how do freelance writers work with others?

How Freelance Writers Work With Others

Writers’ Group

You can enter or form a writers’ group. It can be as small as a duo as long as you are able to disclose your individual goals with each other to help one another work in track towards them. You can boost each other’s morale and accompany each other for when you can or when you need. It is an accountability partnership and more.

According to HappenChance.Net at , the advantages of a writers group include, among others,

(1) learning to meet deadlines,

(2) learning writing styles and getting ideas from others and

(3) developing your skills by sharing it with others

According to at , having a writers group gives writers encouragement and fellowship. There are some challenges and struggles being experienced by writers which only writers like them can understand and these they can confide only with other writers. This can also be found in LitReactor.Com at at “#1. Writers Know Best and “#5. They Understand.”

Further, LitReactor.Com in the same thread states that having a writers group helps you to sustain your writing work and meeting daily writing work quota imposed by your client or agency or by yourself on you (#2. Staying on Task) and help you get and learn new ideas and techniques (#3 Exposure to Voice, Process and Technique. These can also be found in DeeScribeWriting.Wordpress.Com at

Mixed Group

Additionally or alternatively, you may want to work with others other than freelance writers or freelancers. You may also form or enter a mixed group. What is important is you share the same purpose and goal of having other people to show their goals, updates towards accomplishing such goals and helping each other all along. One important factor here is having something in common especially the industry. For example, one freelance writer who works on academic writing projects is able to derive boost for his morale from his friend by simply casually telling him his plans. The friend is a statistician and, thus, they are in the same industry and knows and interested in academic writing.

The Writer’s Agency

And finally, and most importantly, one best source of support from where writers get answers to their human social needs should be their career agency. At Prospect Solution, they have a writer’s performance monitoring aimed at helping their writers be more productive and develop their potentials. As this helps the career agency increase its income because they are able to provide better writers to produce better written output, it is the writers themselves who raise their skill level, output and income.

Independent but Never Alone

With an annual, or quarterly, or monthly review of achievement of goals and formal appraisal of performance with the writers’ agency, you – as the writer – can also join others in accountability and support groups to help you address your human social needs as a worker, be more effective in your work and achieve success in your career. You are not alone. Other freelance writers, freelancers and employees share with you your needs as a working social being. A competitive and prestigious agency for writers should know this and should help you address your needs. You are independent but you are never alone.