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Writing Style, Good Manners and Freelance Writing Sites

Good writing style means good works. Good writing requires good professional manners. This means that as a freelance writer you must answer promptly the needs of your clients and sincerely do everything you promised. Freelance writers must be honest in what they do. If you cannot do what is asked of you then say no. If you cannot do something for that writing job then say so and do not leave your clients hoping for another chance.

Writing style is just as important as the spoken words. Spoken words can make or break persons while writing styles can make or break writing jobs. Bad writing styles will never get you another writing job or worse you may end up your career early as a freelance writer. Carefully written articles without jargons and clichés are essential to avoid sloppy presentations and still ensuring effective communication.

Good manners in freelance writing are not easy to build. Good manners emanate from the character of the freelance writer himself. He cannot create false identity by writing what he thinks he can write from what he truly is. If a freelance writer is good at faking his write ups then his freelance writing career will eventually prove to be unsustainable. He would not last long.

Many freelance writing jobs are all over the Internet nowadays. These freelance writing jobs offer alluring opportunities to make more money. However, you must know the sites well before entering into contract with them. They may offer good writing jobs but if they are not reputable then it would be a drawback for you. It is good that you must research about the company first and scrutinise how they do business with their freelance writers and clients alike.

It is ethical for freelance writers not to destroy their reputations by affiliating with dubious and non-reputable freelance writing sites. In order to get to a reputable site, it takes more than weeks to know the company well and how they operate. Make sure that these freelance writing sites are not scams teeming with uncertain materials.

In conclusion, freelance writers must be accountable to all their actions. It is not a good manner if you run away from your professional responsibilities. You must relate with your clients well and do writing jobs with ardour.


Freelance Writing for a Story

Not all writing jobs are technical. Sometimes we take some writing jobs that are somewhat easy to make. Freelance writers as we are, we all know that writing stories are very easy to make. There is simplicity in writing stories. The thoughts imparted are not that critically analytical. You do not have to worry about the formalities that you are going to use for the story had it been otherwise an academic writing requirement.

Writing jobs that entail stories in it can be written in narrative form. In the narrative form, it is advisable that you use the freight-train writing style. This style is appropriate for the composition of your story. Take this for example:

There are a number of opportunities in freelance writing and there is always a demand for freelance writers and the freelance writers must be skillful enough in order to write good compositions and they must also see the value of their writing jobs to the intended readers of their write ups.

Notice a lot of ands in the sentence. This is an example of the freight-train writing style. Most sentences are connected by conjunctions or other punctuations except for the period (.).

Here are the benefits of using the freight-train writing style to some of your writing jobs:

• The ideas are continuous
As freelance writers, we often think that periods (.) are necessary to create short and concise write ups. However this style does not use periods as much; that is why this style is good for producing stories because the ideas are free flowing and continuous. Freelance writers can easily see the sequence of ideas in this style.

• This writing style can link ideas together
Writing jobs have different requirements of composition. If you have writing jobs that need narrations of events, situations or experiences then this writing style is very applicable.

• It allows a good stream of consciousness
It is good to see write ups with free flowing thoughts. Good stream of consciousness occurs when readers can easily follow through the ideas of your articles because there are just a few or no hindrances at all to their understanding. Contrast this with the function of periods (.) which create pauses to the minds of the readers.

Freelance writing is always fun when you have writing jobs that require composing narratives. The freight train writing style is always handy when it comes to writing jobs that need detailed expositions. In effect, writing jobs that need narrative prose can now easily be written using this style.

Freelance Writing is an Obsession

If you have been introduced into freelance writing and have already gained a little income from it, you cannot wait to get more. It is nothing more than an obsession when you are passionate about freelance writing. There are a lot of writing jobs that you can choose from, and there can be a lot of freelance writing sites that you can affiliate with. Indeed, there are just many career advantages in freelance writing. Earning a fair amount of income while doing your passion is an ideal condition that all freelance writers aspire for.

What are the common benefits of freelance writing?

• You enjoy better freelance writing opportunities
Since that first day you ventured into freelance writing, you are already beginning to build your reputation. The more you indulge into freelance writing, the more you will get writing jobs. Not just that, you can have more freelance writing opportunities because your clients have known you better and you were able to establish professional goodwill with them.

• Brain benefits
Freelance writing has a lot of creative benefits. If you are given varied writing jobs from clients and if you enjoy writing for them, think of the innumerable insightful ideas you can gain from freelance writing. The power to organise words, the ability to think and express ideas in written form, and the opportunity to widen your vocabulary are just a few of the unique benefits in freelance writing.

• Higher freelance writing pays
The more you write and the more contented your customers are, the higher the pay you will expect to get. Some freelance writers have bigger pays than their current jobs.

If you want to avail of freelance writing opportunities, evaluate your qualifications first if it meets the set standards of a preferred freelance writing company. Having these common benefits in mind will do half the job for you.

Creativity in Freelance Writing

Creativity is an essential skill needed by every freelance writer. Creativity is a brilliant quality that attracts readers to read your articles; it is the same substance that improves the freelance writer’s reputation. In the make-or-break world of intense freelance writing competition, you cannot afford to lag behind due to second-rate ideas. The ideal standard is that you will excel in everything that you compose – the more creative ideas you have, the more you can expect to stay longer in the freelance writing industry.

What is creativity?

Creativity is a state as well as an enlightened statement of the mind. All freelance writers must possess creativity in order to continuously draw readers’ interest in their articles. Without creativity, your works would turn out to be monotonous and uninspired. Here are some ways on how to engender creativity to your writing jobs:

• Think the non-conventional way

This means that you have to write more than the usual way. This is your assurance of making a few steps better than other freelance writers. How can you do this? Think outside your comfort zone of thinking – think out of the box. Find inspiration from sources you always despise or otherwise take for granted: there are nuggets of wisdom to be found in the irony of things.

• Prepare your thoughts

Before you write anything else, you must know how to compose your thoughts. Think of the 5 Ws and H so that you will know how to qualify your ideas for your write-ups.

• Incubate your brain

Free yourself first from the burden of writing jobs for a while. In this stage, you can do something else first. This is just to stimulate your brain to compare and contrast your ideas and to think of new means in approaching your writing jobs.

• Illuminate your style

Think of a single writing job that you want to make; distinguish at least one unique idea that you can present in your write up. This can be a good focus for you.

• Verify

After writing all your ideas, verify your arguments and give references if necessary.
These tips will help induce creativity in your writing jobs. The manifestation of a creative write-up is when clients continue to ask further writing projects from you.

Freelance Writing with a Marketing Sense

The word marketing is not already new in freelance writing. Marketing is essential in all write ups in order to create persuasive ideas. When we write articles, we pour in all our ideas into it. Thus, these ideas must be maximised by creating powerful thoughts in order to encourage more clients to give us more writing jobs. The quality of our work depends upon how marketable our articles are. With more marketability, the more writing jobs you can get.

Here are some ways in order to write in a marketing sense:
Know your readers
Most freelance writers write articles not knowing who their intended readers are. Writing jobs have different intended readers. Thus, you must ask your client about the intended readers of the writing jobs that you are going to write. Knowing your readers is advantageous in order to angle your approach according to the needs of your readers.
Ask the right questions
As a freelance writer, you can have several writing jobs that you can accomplish at the same time. If you do not want confuse yourself from one writing job to another, then you must know the questions intended for each writing job.
Freelance writers must focus their write ups according to what the readers need. That is why knowing your readers will give you an advantage when you take writing jobs with unfamiliar topics.

In conclusion, these advice help you fill in the gaps with your readers. The more freelance writers understand their readers, then the more persuasive their write-ups are.

Getting Some Attention

Good attention leads to recognition. In order to become a successful freelance writer, you must be known in the freelance writing industry. Because of the rise of social networking sites, many people can get instantaneous popularity through the use of these interactive sites. As a freelance writer, you must not lag behind other people who are gaining popularity. You are as much rightfully entitled to gain some measure of popularity in your work and in a good way.

Why not use these multimedia enhanced sites to promote your write ups? This way, you can get more writing jobs as you steadily build your portfolio. A lot of clients nowadays go to social networking sites and see who are qualified for certain writing jobs that they badly need for prompt accomplishment. In this particular situation, it is advisable that you register and open an account with a blog site, or maintain a domain of your own where you can continually advertise yourself as a reputable freelance writer. You can even give some sample paragraphs, with clients’ permission, from the past writing jobs that you had.

Popularity nowadays is within your fingertips. There are thousands of ways of getting writing jobs and availing of freelance writing opportunities. Social networking sites offer these opportunities for you. Use these sites well and you will be lucratively paid in return by the quantity of writing projects you can get.

Going back to recognition, you can get better recognition as a freelance writer by maximizing on the use of these social networking sites. However, you must be very careful in handling your personal information over these social networking sites. You must be careful never to be fooled in these sites.

Points to Remember

Writing styles vary from one freelance writer to another. It also varies from one writing job to another. There are many variations in writing styles although it does not necessarily mean that writing styles do not retain their respective identities. Still there are many points to remember in evaluating your writing style for a certain writing job.

Thinking what to write and how to write well is the common avenue where creativity takes place. There are many ways of writing but you also have to follow some rules, especially grammar rules. Experienced freelance writers can easily get along with grammar and creativity. However, new freelance writers cannot easily deal with grammars and creativity. For some freelance writers, grammar hampers creativity.

Small things are often neglected in writing. Here are some small things that freelance writers often neglect to consider in their write ups:
Be careful not to repeat your ideas
Repetitive ideas can put your readers off for good. Thus you must not take writing jobs that you are not knowledgeable of to avoid exposing your weakness. On the contrary, there are writing jobs that you may take even if you are not so knowledgeable of the topic, for as long as you do some comprehensive research first before accepting it.
Using the wrong word
This is one of the mortal sins in freelance writing. You must never use the wrong words in your write ups or this can leave a lasting impression on your writing level and quality. This kind of error is seemingly unforgivable for readers. Freelance writers must never allow this to happen in their write ups.
Use short and simple sentences
Write short rather than long words. It is better that your sentences are snappy. Also, cut out jargons, clichés, and foreign words in your write ups. In order to do this, you must review your write ups before passing. Sad to note but there are still some freelance writers who cannot do away with these style of writing. It is not a good strategy to write this way.

In fine, the best point to remember is common sense. All of these points can be summarised into writing with sense. Freelance writers must be witty enough in order to write with persuasive effect.