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Creative Work of the Freelance Business Writer

A freelance business writer can write various content. The materials they work on range from the serious or academic to the fun and challenging. There are assignments which are both serious and fun. They include branding, advertising, marketing campaign and the like, among many.

Branding involves elements of advertising, marketing and press release. These are part of writing for business which you can explore as a freelance business writer. Creativity is very important here. Although a huge portion of creativity relies on originality, much of it also depends on learning from others especially those who have come before and succeeded. These brilliantly creative professionals are called creatives or, more clearly, top creatives.

Creative thinking will be your ace in your work as a freelance business writer doing marketing, advertising and branding campaigns. Search the internet for online tools you which are designed to stimulate creative thinking, specifically for example, branding and advertising. You also need to research, study and develop skills in communications strategy, market positioning, market brief processing and key issues in copywriting and creatives.

As a freelance writer in marketing and advertising, you need to be well versed in the many aspects of branding like copywriting, the role of press release in branding and blogging for brands, among others. Identify the niches of the products and services you are writing about and find out who are the experts and authorities of these niches. Research about them and their writing output. Learn from their successes and their failures.

Be well versed about branding terms and quotes about brands because these will greatly help you. Read case studies about marketing, branding and advertising. Read literature about these involving history, market, brand values, promotion and others. Also, study how to use clearer language in official, business and legal contexts.


Freelance Writing and Your Side Line

Freelance writing has many advantages and benefits. One of them is having control over your time and, thus, the ability manage your time in a manner that you will have time for other responsibilities, endeavours and activities. In turn, one of these is doing other activities for another source of income which is another job, otherwise known as the side gig or side line. Your job as a writing freelancer opens you to personal fulfillment and professional development on top of the earning opportunities outside and inside your freelance writing agency. Here is how:

  • Personal fulfillment – Having freelance writing as a main job or a part-time one, you can get and manage another job. Aside from being a source of additional income, your side line or other job can be “the job.” Your side line could be your dream job, in other words. You might be a teacher first and a writer secondly, for example. It might be in your heart and soul that you are a teacher who has the gift of writing, but it happened that writing is the first pasture you have gotten an opportunity to come in. With the time freedom you have in being a writing freelancer, you can fulfill your frustrations of being a teacher by going into teaching with your free time. Other writing freelancers have different side lines ranging from selling cars, catering meals, and many others.

  • Professional Development – Your freelance writing job enables you to get into a side line which promotes your professional development. Take for example the case of the frustrated teacher. He or she could be teaching writing or literature and do this in a certified capacity. If you are in this person’s shoes, you will be accumulating certified teaching work experience and corresponding continuing professional education. These things enhance your professional qualifications both as a writer and as a teacher. As a teacher, your teaching work experience and knowledge increases the value of your writing practice. One example would be being one of the top choices for academic writing jobs in your writing agency.

Being Alone in Freelance Writing Jobs UK Agencies Provide

There are times in your life that you want to be alone. There are even people who really need to be alone for the rest of their lives. Here, alone could mean literally or being away from people but with one or a few chosen family, loved ones, friends or neighbours. If you are in these times of your life, you can work in freelance writing jobs UK agencies provide.

Working in freelance writing jobs UK service providers generate allows you to work alone, at your own pace and at your own time. Many people avail of the benefits and advantages that these jobs offer. They have different reasons for choosing this mode of work. One of them is the chance to work in peace. In other words, there are people who do this job because they need time for their personal private problems.

By doing freelance writing jobs UK residents need for their documentations, you will be able to give yourself the time to think about your problems and do what is best. You own your time. You can prioritise what is really important to you. You can have the time to think about your plight and still have the time to work for your sustenance. Having a source of income to provide for your needs while you are still in the process of thinking your problems through is not a problem.

You are able to work in writing jobs while thinking through your life because you are doing what you love. As a writer, you are an artist and you love what you are doing. In other words, it does not seem like work for you. sometimes work becomes a problem; but writing is no longer work for you. It is a passion. It will not be a problem that will add to your burden.

Freelance Writing Jobs are Fun

Have you ever imagined sitting within the comforts of your home and working and earning income at the same time? With all the benefits of staying at home you will have more time with your family. At the same time, you are free from any stress-related incidents inherent in the workplace setting. These are just a few of the basic but big advantages why some people like freelance writing.

So what do you really get from freelance writing? Here are the more lucrative benefits of freelance writing jobs compared to in-house writers:

  • You can manage your own time

You are free to decide on your time schedule. In freelance writing, you can do a lot of things within your preferred means of doing the writing task. The only goal you have to achieve is to meet the deadlines for the necessary write-ups. After all that, then you are free – unlike in-house writers who have to spend 9 hours in the office just to get paid.

  • You are your own boss

You do not have to submit to direct supervisors. In the strict office setting, direct heads will always go around the office to see the work progress of their employees. In your home, you are free to cultivate your creativity to the fullest, and away from all the rather limiting office conditions.

  • You can work wherever you want

If you do not want to work at home, then you can do it somewhere else. Some writers bring along their laptops to coffee shops, public parks, and other more convenient locations just to find a favourable, inspiring environment to continue with the writing project. This fosters better creativity for other writers. At the very least, their minds are not confined to the four walls of a single office.

  • You have all the comforts when you need it

You have all the space when you need it. If you want to watch cable television, see some DVD movies, listen to music, prepare your favourite food, or feed your pets whilst working at home, you can easily do so. Nobody will ruin your day.

These are just some the great benefits of freelance writing. Why not become a freelance writer now? The only key to become a freelance writer is to have some guts and know how to work them out. It does not necessarily mean that you have to be the best of the best in order to become a freelance writer.

Common Errors in Freelance Writing

In freelance writing, we dedicate many writing styles to the different writing jobs that we are dealing with. There are many kinds of writing styles that we can choose from so that we can apply it to the different writing jobs. Varying the writing styles is necessary to add variety to the presentation of ideas. If you want to maintain client loyalty you should vary your writing style, or your clients will get bored with the same writing style you use every time you are given a writing job.

Here are the common mistakes of freelance writers in their quest to add more words rather than substance:

• The use of tautology
Freelance writers suffer from writer’s block from time to time. This means that no matter how you think of an idea, you just cannot push through with it. Many freelance writers opt for the use of tautologies just to increase the word count but never the substance in the article. As a result, this affects the content quality of the articles. You will notice this in the writing jobs of some freelance writers where the ideas, arguments and definitions given are just moving in circles around the article. Examples of tautology are: free gift, final conclusion, wrong mistake, and so on. Freelance writers must refrain from using tautologies since their article will suffer and their reputation will suffer too. Badly written articles demean the reputation of a freelance writer.

• Use of active verbs and active words
All freelance writers know that the use of active verbs and active words are vital in all articles that they are going to make. However, due to carelessness, there are some instances when they use passive voice in writing articles.

• Foreign words and phrases
Many freelance writers fall into the trap of using foreign words and phrases in their write-ups. Some freelance writers even think that foreign words and phrases will make their write-ups sound sagacious. Indeed, foreign words and phrases may make your write-ups scholarly but you also compromise the readability of your works. Foreign words and phrases can only be used if necessary and are explained well in the article.

Professional freelance writers can still express well their thoughts even without using tautology. They can even write articles following the rule for active verbs and the use of the active voice. They can even write articles without using foreign words and phrases. In the freelance writing business, you can still write with substance by thinking for and in behalf of your clients.

The Needs of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a lucrative business and many people want to avail of this opportunity. Freelance writing jobs are open to the global market; it gives many opportunities for aspiring writers to consider freelance writing online. This gives more income to writers other than working for their company. Since there is a big demand for freelance writers, many enthusiastic people initially grab the opportunity, but are frustrated eventually since they lack the standard of competence.

So, what are the needs to become a true-blooded freelance writer?

Here are some crucial aspects that you must consider first before knowing that you are competent enough as a freelance writer:
• Your academic knowledge and skills
There are many freelance writers around the world and there are many writing jobs too. For a start, you might ask: what writing jobs are appropriate for me? If ever you are assigned with a certain writing job, why did your client assign it to you? It could be because of your proven academic knowledge and skills. The more your client can see in you a certain degree of academic knowledge and skills for any given subject then you will be assigned with more writing jobs having the same subject. This achievement is your new found niche.
• Your efficiency
How fast can you finish your writing jobs? If you can finish it in the most efficient time possible with quality outputs then you are the right freelance writer that most high paying freelance writing companies need. Your efficiency is a gauge on how experienced you are career-wise as well as how fast you can produce the needed content.
• Your mastery
What is the quality of your write-ups? What can your client say about the quality of your write-ups? If your client is satisfied of your works then you are assured of more writing jobs to come.

In conclusion, if you do not have these three qualities then you must begin to evaluate the qualities that you need to meet in order to stay competitive in the freelance writing business.

Freelance Writing with a Marketing Sense

The word marketing is not already new in freelance writing. Marketing is essential in all write ups in order to create persuasive ideas. When we write articles, we pour in all our ideas into it. Thus, these ideas must be maximised by creating powerful thoughts in order to encourage more clients to give us more writing jobs. The quality of our work depends upon how marketable our articles are. With more marketability, the more writing jobs you can get.

Here are some ways in order to write in a marketing sense:
Know your readers
Most freelance writers write articles not knowing who their intended readers are. Writing jobs have different intended readers. Thus, you must ask your client about the intended readers of the writing jobs that you are going to write. Knowing your readers is advantageous in order to angle your approach according to the needs of your readers.
Ask the right questions
As a freelance writer, you can have several writing jobs that you can accomplish at the same time. If you do not want confuse yourself from one writing job to another, then you must know the questions intended for each writing job.
Freelance writers must focus their write ups according to what the readers need. That is why knowing your readers will give you an advantage when you take writing jobs with unfamiliar topics.

In conclusion, these advice help you fill in the gaps with your readers. The more freelance writers understand their readers, then the more persuasive their write-ups are.