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Freelance Writing is an Obsession

If you have been introduced into freelance writing and have already gained a little income from it, you cannot wait to get more. It is nothing more than an obsession when you are passionate about freelance writing. There are a lot of writing jobs that you can choose from, and there can be a lot of freelance writing sites that you can affiliate with. Indeed, there are just many career advantages in freelance writing. Earning a fair amount of income while doing your passion is an ideal condition that all freelance writers aspire for.

What are the common benefits of freelance writing?

• You enjoy better freelance writing opportunities
Since that first day you ventured into freelance writing, you are already beginning to build your reputation. The more you indulge into freelance writing, the more you will get writing jobs. Not just that, you can have more freelance writing opportunities because your clients have known you better and you were able to establish professional goodwill with them.

• Brain benefits
Freelance writing has a lot of creative benefits. If you are given varied writing jobs from clients and if you enjoy writing for them, think of the innumerable insightful ideas you can gain from freelance writing. The power to organise words, the ability to think and express ideas in written form, and the opportunity to widen your vocabulary are just a few of the unique benefits in freelance writing.

• Higher freelance writing pays
The more you write and the more contented your customers are, the higher the pay you will expect to get. Some freelance writers have bigger pays than their current jobs.

If you want to avail of freelance writing opportunities, evaluate your qualifications first if it meets the set standards of a preferred freelance writing company. Having these common benefits in mind will do half the job for you.


Freelance Writing: Talking to Clients

Perhaps talking to clients is the least frequent task that a freelance writer would do. As freelance writers, we are more concerned in making our writing jobs done. Once we are done with our writing jobs we scarcely care where our write ups will all be going.

Freelance writers only know a small amount of the things happening once their write-ups are passed. However, the freelance writer-client relationship is also critical. If you want to stay longer in the freelance writing career then you must establish good reputation.

Here are some ways of establishing a good professional relationship with your clients:

  • Talk to some of your best clients

If you want to improve your reputation as a freelance writer then you must relate well with your clients. Talk about the things on how you can improve your write-ups in order to get more writing jobs. Maintain an open line of communication with your clients so that you can establish your identity as a freelance writer.

  • Be courteous. Thank your clients.

We often neglect this simple gesture. Thanking your clients for making you their freelance writer is one of the best ways for you stay in the streamline of the company. Your clients would know how valuable they are to you and vice versa.

  • Get more referrals

The more referrals you have, the more reputable you can be and the more writing jobs you can get. Freelance writers who have a lot of referrals have many things to enjoy especially high freelance writing rates, more writing jobs and more freelance writing opportunities.

These may be little things but these are essential to your freelance writing career. Remember author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s words in The Little Prince: “What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

The Needs of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a lucrative business and many people want to avail of this opportunity. Freelance writing jobs are open to the global market; it gives many opportunities for aspiring writers to consider freelance writing online. This gives more income to writers other than working for their company. Since there is a big demand for freelance writers, many enthusiastic people initially grab the opportunity, but are frustrated eventually since they lack the standard of competence.

So, what are the needs to become a true-blooded freelance writer?

Here are some crucial aspects that you must consider first before knowing that you are competent enough as a freelance writer:
• Your academic knowledge and skills
There are many freelance writers around the world and there are many writing jobs too. For a start, you might ask: what writing jobs are appropriate for me? If ever you are assigned with a certain writing job, why did your client assign it to you? It could be because of your proven academic knowledge and skills. The more your client can see in you a certain degree of academic knowledge and skills for any given subject then you will be assigned with more writing jobs having the same subject. This achievement is your new found niche.
• Your efficiency
How fast can you finish your writing jobs? If you can finish it in the most efficient time possible with quality outputs then you are the right freelance writer that most high paying freelance writing companies need. Your efficiency is a gauge on how experienced you are career-wise as well as how fast you can produce the needed content.
• Your mastery
What is the quality of your write-ups? What can your client say about the quality of your write-ups? If your client is satisfied of your works then you are assured of more writing jobs to come.

In conclusion, if you do not have these three qualities then you must begin to evaluate the qualities that you need to meet in order to stay competitive in the freelance writing business.

Writing for Blogs, Writing for Excitement

With the advent of the Internet age, Web logs have become convenient venues for a wide selection of multimedia resources and continually updated information on just about any topic imaginable. Indeed, blogs have become so increasingly popular, there are companies that are now hiring for and paying a good deal on freelance writers who exhibit consistent, fluent expressive facility for doing blogs. Taken as a career in itself, writing for blogs is an altogether different discipline than making articles or other forms of literary compositions.

Blogs by default have more informal contents. As an aspiring freelancer, you can easily express yourself in the blog. It accommodates your creatively versatility, too – you can do a lot of spruces from, twists around, turns in and tweaks of your ideas for the blogs.

When you are given writing jobs for blogs, you must roll up your sleeves and show some skin, so to speak. Be BOLD. As a freelance writer, you must also acknowledge that writing for blogs is intended for different niches thus your approach must be appropriate to the target demographic. Readers for their part like compositions that are easily digestible yet something that can affect them in a positive, uplifting way.

In this world of writing jobs for blogs, you must also know how to humble yourself. There are a lot of ideas from other sources that you do not know. Acknowledge the negative comments that some visitors may append to the blog that you write for. You should be able to accept the reality that comments like these are inevitable, given the engaging topic and your compelling style of presenting your ideas and arguments. Thus, as a freelance writer, consider the constructive criticisms made and take them as stepping stones for further career growth.

Lastly, a great deal of freelance writing for blogs is finding the right object of your compositional affection. This is because there are certain instances where you may not like the topic of your blog project because you are not familiar with it. However, consider the challenge rather as a door of opportunity to learn more about the topic – writing jobs for blogs are easier if you take ideas that are of your interest. In this manner, freelance writing for you will never be a bane.