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Why I Love My Freelance Academic Writing Job

Last night, I came across a YouTube video where a musician was asked why he chose the drums as the instrument to specialise on and study further at Berklee College of Music. Drums was his “first love” way back when he was a little boy. But the first lessons he took was the piano because it was the condition his parents gave him before he can study how to play the drums.

His parents set the condition for good reasons. Foremost, piano is the standard for music learning and so it is better that he start with it. As such, he could better understand how other instruments including his favourite drums can be played better together with the piano, or any keyboard instrument or string instrument for that matter, or any other instrument or standing alone.

Drums vs. Piano

The musician became known to be an excellent drummer or percussionist while being known to compose songs using the piano or keyboard. But his specialisation is really drums and more known for it compared to the piano.

So when asked, why did he study drums further and specialise in it instead of the piano? And why did he chose drums given the fact that he learned had learned the two instruments well? This is his answer. He narrated that nearing the time that enrolment for higher level studies of instruments, he had to make a decision. He asked one of his professors how can he choose between drums and piano. His professor answered that he should ask himself which between the two instrument can he see himself practising for the whole day and even the night.

The musician pondered on the question. Between the drums and the piano, he can see himself practising the drums for long hours and days compared to the piano.

Office Work vs. Freelance Writing Job

The same goes with my freelance academic writing job. I have educational and government service qualifications to apply for an accounting, administrative or any office job in the private sector or the government. These jobs and sectors are known for job security, stability, tenure and guaranteed retirement pension and benefits. However, I still prefer to stay with my freelance academic writing job.

There were and still are times when I think of how about considering those jobs which are known to be stable compared to the freelance writing work. But I ask myself would I be able to enjoy doing my work in them for 8 hours everyday and 5 or 6 days every week? Would I like to stay long in those jobs? My answer, I can see myself doing my freelance academic writing job the whole day, everyday.

A Love That’s Free

Yes, my freelance writing job is still not full-time and there are times when there are few projects. However, I am working towards a goal of increasing the number of my projects and I am doing it by continually improving my work with more quality time I put in them. And I have seen the increase starting and continuing. And equally important, I can see myself doing this work on a full time basis and until I retire.

Along the way, I also have time to look into other ventures which I can do in addition to my freelance academic writing job and can work on them on the side. That is how flexible this career is. And, I can continue to do so even, hopefully, this service of mine will be much more in demand.

Those are the reasons why I choose to stay with my freelance academic writing job. Specifically, some of the many things I love about it are the opportunities, the variety among the documents I write and I love the skills I develop in them.

I Have Love; Thus, I Can Give Love

Yes, one concern about freelance writing jobs or any freelance job for that matter is that there is fear that there will not be enough work to do to be able to earn and sustain for the cost of living. However, my freelance academic writing job provides me with sufficient flow of work to do. While earning a living for my needs and even for a little over a few wants, I also feel fulfilled. I love what I am doing and know that I contribute to the success of the people who need my work. I can work on different jobs and projects like support for research for academic, professional, business or industry and many others.


Freelance Writing and Your Side Line

Freelance writing has many advantages and benefits. One of them is having control over your time and, thus, the ability manage your time in a manner that you will have time for other responsibilities, endeavours and activities. In turn, one of these is doing other activities for another source of income which is another job, otherwise known as the side gig or side line. Your job as a writing freelancer opens you to personal fulfillment and professional development on top of the earning opportunities outside and inside your freelance writing agency. Here is how:

  • Personal fulfillment – Having freelance writing as a main job or a part-time one, you can get and manage another job. Aside from being a source of additional income, your side line or other job can be “the job.” Your side line could be your dream job, in other words. You might be a teacher first and a writer secondly, for example. It might be in your heart and soul that you are a teacher who has the gift of writing, but it happened that writing is the first pasture you have gotten an opportunity to come in. With the time freedom you have in being a writing freelancer, you can fulfill your frustrations of being a teacher by going into teaching with your free time. Other writing freelancers have different side lines ranging from selling cars, catering meals, and many others.

  • Professional Development – Your freelance writing job enables you to get into a side line which promotes your professional development. Take for example the case of the frustrated teacher. He or she could be teaching writing or literature and do this in a certified capacity. If you are in this person’s shoes, you will be accumulating certified teaching work experience and corresponding continuing professional education. These things enhance your professional qualifications both as a writer and as a teacher. As a teacher, your teaching work experience and knowledge increases the value of your writing practice. One example would be being one of the top choices for academic writing jobs in your writing agency.